Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Jeet Singh Mann

Dr. Jeet Singh Mann is currently engaged in the capacity of a faculty of legal education & research with National Law University, Delhi. He has been the recipient of the prestigious UGC Research Award in law 2014; along with this, he has also worked as the principal investigator for SPARC-IITK Ministry of HRD Joint Research Project between India and China. He has 65 national and 5 international publications to his accolade.

  • Dr. Sofi K Joseph

Dr. Sofi K Joseph is an Assistant Professor of Law with National Law University, Delhi since 2013. She has worked on drafting Bill for Domestic Workers titled “Domestic Workers Regulation of Work and Social Security Bill, 2017”. She has several National and International publications, including the latest book titled, ‘Customary Rights of Farmers in Neo-liberal India: Legal and Policy Analysis’ published by the Oxford University Press India.

  • Mr. Mahendra Soni

Assistant Prof. (Mr.) Mahendra Soni is the founding Chairperson of the Centre for Labour Laws. It was founded in 2019 under his able guidance and vision to create awareness in the domain of Labour and Employment laws. He has advanced the vision of CLL to undertake academic activities such as quizzes, debates and workshops, in addition to a dedicated blog on Labour and Employment Law, a Journal and a Legal Aid wing. Today, CLL stands as the best Labour Law Centre in the Country.