The Industrial Feud: A Debate on Employers, Workers, and their Relationships being the first debate organised by Centre for Labour Laws in collaboration with Jus Cultura, the Debating, Quizzing and Literary Society of NLIU, saw of over 50 participants from different colleges across country with cash prizes worth Rs. 8500/- to be won. The debate topics ranged from how there is a requirement of minimum wage in areas where unemployment is on the rise to should housewives be given salaries for their contribution and more.

It is a fact that the labour class of this country faces the brunt of all issues faced by the country. This class consists of individuals composed of the country’s poorest citizens, the most reliant on social welfare policies, and ultimately the most impacted by bad policy’s outcomes. This also leaves them vulnerable to exploitation and ignorance. For the longest period in our nation, and worsened significantly by the continuing pandemic, the one recurrent societal problem has been the imposition of basic labour rights by various employers. The pandemic should have been a period of benefit and assistance for these individuals, but the harsh reality turned out to be one painted in ignorance. We heartily congratulate Ms. Namah Bose (Student, RGNUL, Patiala) and Mr. Rohit Bhatachaarya (Student, Symbiosis, Pune) for jointly winning the first edition of Industrial Feud.