Legal Aid Wing

In continuation of our commitment towards Labour Welfare, here we are with the Legal Aid Wing (LAW) of the Centre for Labour Laws. As the name suggests, CLL LAW shall provide free legal aid to anyone who comes with a grievance pertaining to Labour and Employment Laws. For this purpose, we have empanelled lawyers who shall do the needful.

 Our Activities Entails:

  • Providing free Legal Services to Labourers in employment related matters.
  • Helping Employees/Employers in solving the legal issues related to Labour & Employment    Law.
  • Forming a Panel of Advocates who wish to join our cause pro-bono.

This initiative by the Centre was in collaboration with the State Legal Service Authority (SLSA) and various District Legal Service Authorities (DLSAs) to resolve the issues and provide speedy assistance to the parties. Many reputed lawyers were empanelled on a pro-bono basis to provide all possible legal assistance to the parties.

It is CLL’s first-ever live legal support platform introduced for Labour Law related issues, where people will get real-time information relating to their issues free of cost. This is introduced to remove all the barriers that hinder the underprivileged in the need of assistance and support. We will connect you overboard through

DISCLAIMER: CLL is not responsible for any unaddressed grievances and this is simply a consultation platform to help people in need in a pro-bono manner.